Xtreamled, Experienced Specialist in LED Lighting

Xtreamled is the specialist in LED lighting for demanding projects and attractive high quality lighting. Thanks to years of experience Xtreamled can make al LED custom made. The result is a LED fixture with the correct color and constant quality in a elegant design that fits with the desired appearance of an individual project. Xtreamled stands for lighting that will exceed your expectations.

High Requirements

The customers of Xtreamled vary from yacht builders, yacht owners, crane- and swimming pool suppliers to garden architects and museum designers. As high standards are demanded for LED lighting in contact with the elements Xtreamled is your experienced partner that can supply a solution for every project. In comparison to halogen the LED lighting from Xtreamled is not influenced by the vibration of sailing boats and will provide a higher light output.

Together with Designers

Xtreamled delivers quality, all LED fixtures are custom made and have a guaranteed long life span.
It is possible to choose a wide, medium or small lens to determine the light bundle. The colors are determined by the use of red, green, blue and white (RGBW). The capacity of the cooling element is accurately calculated so that it corresponds to the design specifications. The controller is pre-programmed with five to six static colors are two to three programs. Xtreamled is a good sparring partner for designers and provides solutions that fit seamlessly into the project. The assembly of the lighting takes place in-house and the service provided by Xtreamled is flexible and customer focused.


The quality of LED lighting is determined by the binning choice of the applied LED. This in turn guarantees the color and constant radiance of light that can make or break a project. Apart from that the design of the LED fixtures is of great importance to ensure that the specifications are not exceeded when a stylish design has to be guaranteed. The LED fixtures of Xtreamled are precisely designed in correspondence with the customer to create an optimum installation. The components are from qualified regional suppliers after which the assembly takes place in-house at Xtreamled.

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