Garden LED, Weatherproof Lighting

Garden lighting is determinative for the atmosphere of a garden. Now that our terraces are designed like living rooms where we can relax and read the newspaper in our luxurious lounge sets, the lighting becomes more and more important for this part of our living space. With the lighting from Xtreamled all atmospheres can be created. The possible variations in colors are endless. From a cool blue area on a warm summer evening to sunny colors for warming a cool summer evening.

Constant Color

Variation in color is an absolute must for garden lighting but what is essential is that the colors stay constant for an optimum result of the lighting. The high quality fixtures from Xtreamled are designed in such a way that the colors of each fixture can be adjusted independently from each other while the colors during the lifetime of the fixture stay the same. The LED fixtures can be set to red, green, blue and white (RGBW) and a variation of these colors with which all the colors of the rainbow can be created.


Garden LED has to be weather resistant. As Xtreamled is specialized in LED lighting with stringent requirements such as for maritime and swimming pools, the garden LED fixtures are also manufactured according to these requirements. Water tight, high quality finish and a beautiful appearance are the characteristics of the fixtures supplied by Xtreamled. The components are from qualified regional suppliers after which the assembly takes place in-house at Xtreamled.

Garden Landscapers

Garden landscapers should have the fixtures from Xtreamled in their assortment. The exclusive garden lighting from Xtreamled can win customers for the design of the garden landscaper. Terraces, plants, ornaments and furniture are not complete without the correct LED lighting creating the required atmosphere.

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