Professional Ship Lighting for Yachts, Offshore and Cranes

Ship lighting is of life importance. Good lighting onboard sea worthy yachts, inland navigation or rigs can mean a crucial difference between working safely and risking accidents. Xtreamled delivers fixtures specifically designed to deliver the correct amount of light with a constant output together with a robust design and high quality finish.

Resistent to Vibration

Ships are always vibrating when under sail which halogen lights cannot handle resulting in a considerable shortening of their lifespan. The LED lighting of Xtreamled is designed to withstand vibration whereas the light output stays unchanged. Apart from that, LED lighting can provide a higher light output than halogen lighting. Where halogen lighting can provide approximately 400 to 500 lumen, the LED lights of Xtreamled can easily provide 600-800 lumen or even higher. That ensures good sight and thus a safer working environment for the people on board.

Under Water

A lot is expected of LED lights that have to operate under water. All LED lighting from Xtreamled for under water lighting is made from stainless steel in the quality 316L. The LED lights are meticulously tested per unit and pressurized at 2,5 bar to ensure that they can operate under these demanding and extreme conditions. Unique is that the underwater stern lighting from Xtreamled is fitted with RGBW high power LED and lenses with which all thinkable colors can be displayed. The fixtures are delivered with a pre-programmed controller with six static colors and two to three programs.

Ship Nameplates

A ship nameplate that is highlighted with LED determines for a large amount the appearance of a yacht as it is one of the main eye-catchers. Just as the fixtures that are subject to the elements, the nameplates positioned on starboard, portside and stern have to have a watertight finish to guarantee a long life time. The ship nameplates supplied by Xtreamled are designed in detail with the yard together with the architect of the yacht.

Ship Cranes

The LED lighting on ship cranes is comparable with the LED lighting on ships with the main difference that the fixtures have to provide more light over a greater distance. Xtreamled supplied LED fixtures for this market that are fitted in cranes that operate at a height of 15 to 20 meter supplying up to 150 lux which is essential for safe working from the position of the crane and at ground level.

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