Outside LED, Appearance for Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi and Whirlpool

Outside LED from Xtreamled has many advantages for swimming pools. The LED fixtures for this application are not only watertight but also have to be resistant to chemicals. It’s also important that they create a nice atmosphere for the swimmers as well as the spectators. Xtreamled supplies swimming pool fixtures that comply to the requirements of pool suppliers and owners. Apart from swimming pool fixtures Xtreamled also supplies fixtures for terraces surrounding the swimming pool so that the lighting in around the pool are matched.

Per Fixture Controllable

The color is one of the most important qualities of outside LED lighting. Constant colors that can be determined per fixture create the required atmosphere in various swimming pool surroundings. Sometimes a lot of light is required, sometimes atmossphere lighting is required and in other instances the lighting has to change upon the situation around the swimming pool. A solo swimmer would most likely prefer a completely different color setting compared to a large party where the swimming pool will be lighted as a center point of attention. What makes the fixtures from Xtreamled unique is that they can be separately controlled with red, green, blue, white (RGBW) and all combinations of these colors so that the atmosphere can be determined and adjusted in detail.

Minimum Maintenance

To be able to guarantee water tightness Xtreamled carries out extensive testing followed by a pressure test where the fixtures are tested at 2,5 bar for several hours. A reassurance, because swimming pool owners will not be happy with maintenance to be carried out once the swimming pool has been filled. Xtreamled supplies led fixtures with a minimum maintenance requirement.

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